Racist pogroms and fascist attacks in Southern Peloponnese

In the southern part of the Greek fascist state, a huge operation against Roma people and its communities has been taking place since many years. Last month(July/beginning of August) in Southern Peloponnese Riot police squads that arrived from Athens have been conducting operations against the Roma population across Messinia, Lakonia, Arkadia and Argolida region.

The official police report on the operations talks of the “tackling” and the “prevention” of crime as the reasons why the Roma houses came under attack – an open and direct racist  attack against them. The result of that operation was that several hundreds were detained or arrested

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Below we have also documented few of racist incidents, including videos that took place in Lakonia region,  the past months of 2013. It is worth mentioning that in some occasions in particular, greek fascists with the encouragement  of the local population of the region have openly tried to attack the Roma communities with the support also of the local municipality and police.

On Friday 29 March 2013 It is taking place large-scale police operation against the local Roma community in Trapezonti (few klm out of Sparta)  with dozens of arrests. Watch the video below

Few days later, on Sunday March 31 2013 at the same village (Trapezonti), known-unknowns “indignant Greeks’ residents organized a racist gathering and march with the blessings of local neo-Nazi Golden Dawn group, the local council and the Greek police. At the rally held, several speaks  in a delirium of hate and based on the cocept (Nazi inspirated) of collective responsibility, they accused the local Roma communities of the region, for almost every kind of crime. According to the speakers Roma people are responsible for thefts, crimes, called them  robbers, drug dealers etc.

On Monday, April 15, 2013 just two weeks after the attacks of Greek police and fascist manifestation in Trapezonti, Roma communities of the region gathered in central square of Sparta, protesting against repression, racism and economic extermination by local authorities.

The Saturday, June 1 2013 at Evrotas Municipality, the fascists of the Golden Dawn with support a few local fascists organized a racist event on a cafe owned by a  famous fascist in the region. At the meeting have attended 30 people. The purpose of the meeting was to organize a fascist committee of citizens in the city in order to organize a mass pogrom against the local Roma community.

On Monday, June 3 at Evrotas Municipality , Roma people of the local community gathered at the city’s police station requiring  from the cops to protect their community from any racist act, otherwise made it clear that they will defend themselves and their children.

On Sunday, July 7 at Evrotas Municipality the nazis have organized  a demonstration with almost no residents of the city. The golden dawn nazis have arrived in two buses from Athens and cars from other areas mainly Kalamata. The fascists were armed with batons, collapsible batons, boxing gloves and so on. One of the most dedicated supporters – city resident is trying to encourage them to attack the Roma community.

On Friday, August 2, 2013 Widespread police operation in the morning in Laconia, on the pretext of tackling crime, focusing primarily on Roma community camps and tourist areas of the region. Forces of General Police Directorate of Peloponnese, reinforced by other special police forces from Athens, led by police inspector John Dikopoulo and general police chief Georgopoulos. Greek source here

the article was publish on dawn of the greeks


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