Commentary on Greek election 2015: SYRIZA wins and forms a government coalition with the fascist, populist party “Independent Greeks”

As expected, SYRIZA won the election last Sunday with over 36 percent of the vote, but not with a total majority in the parliament. A few hours after the final result Alexis Tsipras announced that his party came to an agreement with “Independent Greeks”, an extremely populist, semi-fascist party, often known for its conservative patriotic, homophobic and antisemitic views. The new Government is based on a populist anti-IMF rhetoric, blaming Germany and the global market for the situation following the economic default as well as empty promises to the people for better wages and improved living conditions. Many in Europe already wonder how it is possible for SYRIZA, a political party from the left, to form a government with a party like the “Independent Greeks”. Well our response to this is simple: SYRIZA, despite how it is represents itself abroad, is not a left-wing radical party. Instead SYRIZA is a party based on left populism, without any serious critique capitalist relations, either in the Greek context or the wider world.

SYRIZA is a party with officials who have more than instrumental relations with the far-right. Th. Karypidis, a Syriza official in northern Greece, with links to Independent Greeks , caught media attention when he claimed on facebook that state TV is “controlled by jews”. In the same vein, E. Andriopoulou, a Syriza representative, commenting on the military conflict in Gaza on her facebook said: “ Hitler, you faggot, not only were you a damn fascist but you did not finish the job either…”. In Southern Peloponnese in Lakonia region, SYRIZA supported the fascist mayor of Evrota municipality who was responsible of a pogrom against almost 4.000 Pakistani migrant workers in the area and basic violation of human rights.


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