76 years after Auschwitz: Against every antisemitism

On January 27, it will be 76 years since the Red Army liberated the last approximately 7000 prisoners of Auschwitz. That was the end of the greatest crime in history. The Holocaust is unique in the sense that a systematic extermination of more than 6000000 people was carried out. The majority of the murdered were Jews, but also Roma, homosexuals, communists and other minorities were systematically murdered.

The memory of Auschwitz and the fight against all forms of anti-Semitism remains 76 years later a vital part of any attempt by the oppressed to achieve their emancipation.

Especially today, when we are confronted with a revival of the ultra-right in Europe and in the whole world, the relativization of the Holocaust, anti-Semitic violence, vandalism of monuments and cemeteries (e.g. in Greece), as well as countless, sometimes murderous attacks (e.g. Germany, France, Austria) exist in everyday discourse.

On the occasion of the nationalist celebrations organized this year by the Greek capitalist state due to the 1821 revolution, we must not forget that the Greek national ideology is also based on anti-Semitic elements. We remember the massacre of the Jewish population in Tripolitsa (Peloponnese) in 1821, the anti-Semitic pogroms in 1891 (e.g. in Corfu), the forced assimilation of the Jews after the surrender of Thessaloniki in 1912, as the cooperation of the Greek authorities with the Nazis in the deportation of the Jews to the concentration camps. At the same time, Greek national ideology tries to construct its own national heroines by relativizing the Shoah.

Anti-Semitism is strengthened by the oblivion and revision of history: exactly where the EU wants to equate the Soviet Union with National Socialism, that is, the thousands who lost their lives in the anti-fascist fronts with the Nazis.

At the time of one of the greatest capitalist crises, our vigilance and struggle against anti-Semitism, neo-fascism and alt-right, remains an inseparable priority of our communist efforts.


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