about us

The autonomous initiative against oblivion is a meeting of people who either live or originate from Skala, Laconia region in Southern Greece, which though each with his/her different story, we have chosen the difficult path of setting up a collective of theory / horizontal organization / action against the existing social structure. For us action against the existing structure of society means a total break with the ideological mechanisms and organized elites of various colors seeking the support and sympathy of the Greek mob.

The aim of our collective is to contribute to the expansion of an aggressive/militant front against the whole Greek fascist reality and the deconstruction of ideology in any form. Although we mainly act locally we perceive ourselves as part of an informal (so far) network of groups and initiatives in Helladic territory and beyond.

The main operating principle of our collective is horizontal, autonomous, attempting the deconstruction of identities and racist attitudes. Our Assembly rejects the formal hierarchy, fighting also other informal forms.

Our assembly is beyond and against the patriarchal model of Greek reality, making clear that segregation of color, gender, sexual orientation, age or any other kind of discrimination will always find us opposed.

We who sign this brief narrative about the collective, for some time now we are working a manifesto of the collective which will be the combass of our action and thinking. The manifesto like any other text of the collective will be published on our site which is updated on a regular basis .


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